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 Saturday, 2020-04-04


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Tucking&taping – how to get rid of the bulge in the crotch
Read count: 637128

In brief:When wearing a tight skirt or a well-fitting trousers, a visible bulge in your crotch can ruin your image and cause many troubles. How to hide the testicles? This time the nature helps itself!

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Today a quite intimate and maybe – for some of you – even controversial topic. But this is really important – especially because we receive many questions on this issue.

An efficient way of hiding genitals is a big challenge for MtF crossdressers. Till we wear wide skirts, the problem is not so critical. But you want probably to be very sexy, look trendy and wear fashionable clothes. Very often such clothes are quite tight and perfect fitting your body. So, when wearing a tight skirt or a well-fitting trousers, a visible bulge in your crotch can ruin your image and cause many troubles. How to solve this problem? This time the nature helps itself!

In the prenatal period, the boys’ testicles grow inside the body – in the abdominal lacuna. The testicles descend through lacuna in second month of pregnancy and last in seventh month of pregnancy. Then the testicles go through the axil to the scrotum. This process shall be finished in the moment of birth. Although ditches in the axil accrete, there is still enough place in the abdomen to hide there the testicles.


Tucking means just hiding your testicles. This technique rely on moving the testicles up into the abdomen and then tucking the penis under the crotch. In the abdomen there is enough place to hide the testicles. Although, there will be a small bulge near the pubic bone, the bulge is really almost invisible.

To understand this technique please look at the pictures below:

Probably initially this method seems to be unworkable. Nevertheless, after some effort and experience, you will find out that it is easy and very reliable. In the abdomen you can feel a place, where the testicles can go in. During first tries, you shall be very careful, to not make any harm to your genitals. You just need to feel your body and try to do everything slow and softly, without extra force. Your testicles shall smooth go into the abdomen after a gentle pressing. If the pressing withdraws, the testicles will go themselves back to the scrotum.

After hiding the testicles, you can easily tuck the penis under your crotch.

All this sophisticated construction shall be uphold to no allow the testicles to go back to the scrotum. To keep the pressing you need just simple tight panties. They shall be only tight enough to not to allow the testicles go back. You can easy use panties one or two sizes smaller.

In some shops for transvestites and crossdressers you will find special “gaffs”. You can use them as well, but you really do not need them to get the tucking effect. You can buy simple panties, saving some money and achieving the same effect.


Sometimes you need to keep your testicles in the abdomen even when not wearing tight panties. Then you can use a tape to keep your construction in proper position. Taping is a good concept, when you’re going to use e.g. a swimwear.

The main disadvantage of taping is, that you can not temporary remove the tape just even for a small pee. Additionally, if used for a longer time, the tape can cause also some skin irritation or even inflammation. Thus taping is not a good method for everyday, but just for special events, like e.g. photo session, fashion show, going out in swimwear, etc. Remember to use a medical tape, that allow your skin to breathe and does not cause allergic reactions.


Sticking the testicles shall not cause any pain, but sometimes, even if positioned properly, you can feel a unpleasant ache near the testicles. The pain can grow when sitting down. Remember, that your comfort depends very much on a proper positioning of the testicles and on your own customs. Very important is also the construction of your body and size of the testicles. The tucking is mostly used by transgendered or transsexual MtF before SRS, that want to look naturally and sexy and wear fashionable clothes. After hormone therapy testicles get smaller and then it is easier to hide them in the abdomen. But also transvestites can successfully use this method even for everyday. In my experience I learned only on t-girl, that just could not use the tucking.

If you encounter some problems finding a proper place, where to hide the testicles, you can try to cool your genitals. The scrotum will then lessen, and the testicles shall themselves go a little back.

Some transgendered people use tucking when wearing skirts dresses. The claim, especially then they have problems hiding this embarrassing bulge. Others use the tucking method when wearing trousers. Of course this method is good in both cases, you have just to decide, when to use it, and when not.

Is it safe?

The method is rather safe. Sometimes there can occur a strong pain, especially when tucked for a longer time period. You shall always remember, that your safety is most important – be careful and don’t do anything using extra force. There is very little chance to do serious harm to yourself. Theoretically it is possible to tangle the seed ducts, what can require even surgical assistance. Unfortunately we have no reliable information about this problem, so maybe it is just a gossip. Generally the method is safe, even after using it for years we have encountered no problems.

Unfortunately people after rupture surgery probably can not use the tucking.

Tucking, when used very often, can negatively influence your fecundity. The nature constructed us that way, that men’s testicles are practically out of the body. This trick is to assure lower temperature of the testicles. When tucking, our testicles are inside the body and thus are in higher temperature. Thus it can cause temporary sterility. We have no medical information if tucking can really cause serious fecundity problems or even permanent sterility. Of course for transgender community this issue is very often not so important, since hormone therapy causes the sterility beside the tucking.

What’s interesting, tucking is not used only by transgendered people. It is used also by some ballet dancers. It is also used as a experimental contraceptive method. More about that you can read there: Male Contraception Using Testicular Heating.

Shall you use tucking? It’s only your decision. It is although good to know, that such method exists and it really works! I’m using this method for years and till now have not encountered any unpleasant impressions. It is much more comfortable to forged about this embarrassing bulge in the crotch and just feel free and comfortable.

xL & tranceKasia


The authors of this article are:


Kasia Sawicka

There are 193 comments for this article. Show comments.

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